The services we offer

Our location support services are unrivalled in the industry. Partnering flexibility in support and expertise, we take pride in our work for your production, no matter how big or small.

We’ve built interiors everywhere from disused pumping stations and abandoned office blocks to 5 star hotels and stately homes.

Crowd Bases in Buildings

Turning vast empty spaces into fully-operational production and unit bases.

Dining & Holding in Buildings

Our range of benches and tables can seat hundreds of hungry cast and crew.

Crowd Bases in Marquees

We can provide all the tools and labour required to create the most productive and functional working areas.

Dining & Holding Marquees

Our range of benches and tables can seat hundreds of hungry cast and crew.

Workshop Marquees

Short stay tents and marquees are incredibly useful and serve a variety of purposes. Our stock consists of many sizes for temporary use as well as the unique rental of a 900sq/m workshop tent, situated at our base in Leavesden, UK.


We have a vehicle for practically every job. From golf buggies to crew cabs, we’ve got incredible deals on the hire of vehicles and drivers.

Pop Up Shelters

Simple to set-up and incredibly useful, our small easy-ups and shelters have got you covered.

Generators & Power

One of the key factors in any production site, our generators are high quality and provided based on your specific requirements.


When the cold arrives, you need heat that keeps everyone happy. From small portable heaters to jumbo size and space heaters, you can stop shivering and start working.

Green Rooms

For Principle cast and VIPs we can set up a Green Room area with sofas, coffee tables and carpeting tailored to your needs.