Appreciating the dedication we take for each and every project assigned, our customers trust Makin Locations to deliver a streamlined and effective location support services.

It’s one of the reasons our customers always come back to us to help with future projects.

“Makin Locations is the ultimate “Get Out of Jail Free” card for Location Managers and Production Managers. They are that secret Unit Manager you didn’t budget, based on the doorstep of Leavesden Studios and prepared to service your Base Camp, Set or Location either at the Studios, throughout the UK and internationally if required.”

“I’ve used Makin Locations since their first day of operation. Nick and his team simply make it happen. On the numerous occasions I’ve called them in, I’m pleased to say, they’ve never let us down.”

Jeremy Johns – Production Manager (Casino Royale, Wimbledon)

“Be it a makeup mirror, flood light at the studio or a fully functional marquee for a 1000-strong crowd, plugged-in and ready to go on-location, the Makin Locations team has the kit, knowledge and manpower to make it happen.”

“Filming on-location in Morocco with crews of of up to 700-1800 people who need feeding, changing and keeping cool would have been a difficult experience without Makin Locations. Nick Waldron has created a company that I have used on two continents, and he is an excellent back-up for a location manager, and an asset to any production.”

Christian McWilliams – Location Manager (Syriana, Mamma Mia!)

“Tents, base camps, road building, air conditioning, 4X4 access, all are a phone call or flight away, and he is my first call on any production. From $3m budgets, to $240m budgets, he will tailormake a costing to serve a film’s needs efficiently and speedily.”

“I would recommend Nick and his team to anyone, it’s like having a location department in the shadows, ready to arrive with solutions and positive energy.”

“Even down to the drivers of the 4X4s they supply, everyone is very helpful and there to assist the location department in whatever way they can.”

“I have worked with Makin Locations on many films, and every time they have been able to deliver the requirements that I have needed to facilitate the filming: from putting up tents in fields; to half way up mountains, overseas locations, to setting up halls in London. The service is excellent, and they are able to respond to the ever-changing demands of the film industry at a moment’s notice.”

Emma Pill – Location Manager (Alice in Wonderland, Captain America: The First Avenger)

“When planning a film there are often many variables that you have to take into consideration: Where will the generators park? How will I dress and makeup five hundred extras? How will I feed a unit of eight hundred? How will I get the equipment up the side of that mountain?”

Sam Breckman – Production Manager / Location Manager (The Da Vinci Code, The Bourne Ultimatum)